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Juhldal Gift No 8

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Buy 1 RoseRain BodyCream No 22 + 1 BodySerum Cellulite Treatment No 8 and get 1 Face & Body Oil No 3 for FREE

Juhldal Gift No 8 - Content:

  • 1 x Juhldal RoseRain BodyCream No 22, 500ml
  • 1 x Juhldal BodySerum Cellulite Treatment No 8, 100ml
  • 1 x Juhldal Face & Body Oil No 3, 100ml


Juhldal RoseRain BodyCream No 22

Luxury Exclusive Body Care. Soothes, Softens and Strengthens the Skin.

  • Intensive hydration
  • Nourishing
  • Calming
  • Soothing

Luxury and exclusive body care. RoseRain Body Cream No 22 is a light and delicious body cream that pampers your senses with a scent of rose. It soothes, softens, strengthens and stimulates while maintaining the skin's natural moisture balance. It is quickly absorbed, is easy to apply and makes the skin soft and supple.

Mild rose scent - with firming effect

RoseRain Body Cream No 22 has a subtle natural rose-like scent from natural rose water. Besides the pleasant scent, rose water acts as an antioxidant, stimulates the blood circulation and has an anti-ageing effect. The centella asiatica extract reinforces this anti-ageing effect. The skin becomes tighter and the production of collagen is stimulated.

Intensive hydration

RoseRain Body Cream No 22 maintains the skin's natural moisture balance and provides natural protection against dehydration and irritation. This effect is mainly due to squalane and jojoba oil, both of which intensively moisturize and nourish the skin.

  • Squalane: (a key substance in our skin) Extracted from Olive oil, softens and smoothens the skin
  • Centella: Has wound healing properties.
  • Apricot kernel Oil: Rich in Vitamin E, moisturizing and has anti-ageing properties

Content: 500ml

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Juhldal BodySerum Cellulite Treatment No 8

Intensive Cellulite Treatment, Stimulating and Moisturizing.

  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Strong antioxidant
  • Soothing
  • Tightening

BodySerum Cellulite Treatment No 8 is a silky soft remedy for cellulite and skin ageing. The serum has a delicious rose scent coming from natural rose water. BodySerum Cellulite Treatment No 8 is an intensive, stimulating and moisturizing anti-cellulite serum with an anti-ageing effect as a bonus. It is quickly absorbed and works deep within the tissue, leaving the skin soft and smooth.

BodySerum Cellulite Treatment No 8 contains active extracts of myrtle and green tea that promotes fat burning and prevents the accumulation of new fats.

Content: 100ml

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Juhldal Face & Body Oil No 3

Unique Nourishing Oil for the Whole Body. Rich in Vitamin A & E

  • Rich in vitamins A & E
  • Daily care
  • For body and face
  • Baby care
  • Bath & massage oil

Juhldal Face & Body Oil No 3 is 100% pure cold pressed apricot seed oil. Unique care for the whole body.

Juhldal Face & Body Oil No 3 is quickly absorbed and protects against loss of moisture. The oil is enriched with natural vitamins A and E which protects the cells against free radicals, thus against ageing. The oil is suitable as daily care for all skin types.

Apricot kernel oil is rich in vitamin E, a strong antioxidant, moisturizing.

    Content: 100 ml.

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    Juhldal - Made in Denmark  Made in Denmark