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Customer Reviews

PSO Speciallotion No 12

It works for me!

'Speciallotion No 12 because I suffer from psoriasis.

I have a very sensitive skin and with just a bit of stress or laryngitis my psoriasis brakes out again with corresponding itchy blisters on my hands and feet. During the last years hormone creams have been prescribed to me. But those creams made my skin thin, vulnerable and less elastic.

It feels like miracles exist now that I have used Juhldal PSO Speciallotion No 12. It started after someone recommended the PSO Body-Shampoo No 5 to me, this soap is PH neutral and the expert saleswoman in the store told me about the Lotion No 12. This Speciallotion No 12 is based on medicinal herbs and skin-friendly oils. A month after using it my skin feels baby-soft and looks like new again. Fantastic!'

Health journalist at The Danish magazine 'The Family Journal’

The PSO line

Juhldal is my new main supplier

‘I have been using the products from Juhldals PSO line for some weeks now. What can I say, 'those products are great'.

All the products have a number. Since I have been using the PSO Shampoo No 4, the itching on my scalp has disappeared. PSO Body-Shampoo No 5 is very soft and as good as scent free.

Unperfumed products can sometimes have an unpleasant smell. That is definitely not the case here. The Body-Shampoo is like the Specialcreme No 14 in a bottle with a pump very handy for people with arthritic hands. The PSO Speciallotions No 11 and 12 are in tubes and easy to open. The lotions are easy to apply, not greasy, they are long lasting and makes the skin feel soft and less scaly.

The price of the products can for some people seem a little expensive, but the products lasts longer than others. In Juhldal I have found a new main supplier for my scalp and skin problems.'

Juhldal tested by the board of the ‘Dutch Psoriasis association’ December 2017.

Astrid Sibbes

PSO Shampoo No 4

I am so happy about your shampoo!!!

'I have been searching for a shampoo for years, a shampoo from which I did not get a burning and dry scalp.  I think I have tried everything. Free from parabens, perfume free, natural soap blocks based on honey and oat. Shampoos from the organic shop, and I thought for a while, that I would never be able to wash my hair again. 

Then I used your shampoo. No problems anymore and my hair is clean and nourished.

A happy client, which also works at the drugstore where I tell and advise everybody with scalp problems about your shampoo.'


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