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"I have used the products from Juhldal’s PSO serie for some weeks.
In short: They are good stuff.
All products have a number. When I use the PSO Shampoo No 4, my skalp is no longer itchy. PSO Body-Shampoo No 5 is soft and is as good as odorless.
Often unscented products can smell uncomfortable. That is certainly not the case here neither for Body-Shampoo No 5 nor for PSO Specialcream No 14 with and without pump. Convenient to people with rheumatoid arthritis hands, PSO speciallotion No 11 and No 12 are available on tube. The creams and lotions lubricate very well and are economical in use. They do not stick, but make the skin soft and less flaky.
According to the product information, the PSO line contains natural ingredients such as bromelin, jojoba, angelica, avocado, liquorice and squalane. Bromelin is a natural anti-inflammatory agent, but the skin of some people seems to be able to irritate a little. You can buy Juhldal products both online and in Etos. For the little wallet, the price may be an objection. But because it’s so economical to use, the products last longer than other creams. I have found a new supplier in Juhldal for my hair and skin care!"

Juhldal is tested at the editorial board of the Psoriasis Association Nederland, December 2017

Astrid Sibbes